How To Fix a Rear-View Mirror? (7 Easy Steps)

At times we see that the rearview mirror fell off which creates a problem for the driver. The rear visibility of your car gets reduced if the rearview mirror falls off. In case you have not secured the rearview mirror to the roofs by making use of screws, then it will glue to the windshield. With time your rear-view mirror comes out.

There are lots of reasons why the rearview mirror comes off. It can be direct sun rays, persistent vibration, bumping with the head, jerking at the time of adjustment, or crashing.

It’s quite apparent that you must be thinking about how to fix a rear-view mirror? No need to worry at all. In this piece of writing, I will discuss the efficient ways which will allow you to fix a broken rear-view mirror properly.

What is Rear View Mirror?

A rear-view mirror (or rearview mirror) is a flat mirror in automobiles and other vehicles, designed to allow the driver to see rearward through the vehicle’s rear window (rear windshield).

In cars, the rear-view mirror is usually affixed to the top of the windshield on a double-swivel mount allowing it to be adjusted to suit the height and viewing angle of any driver and to swing harmlessly out of the way if impacted by a vehicle occupant in a collision.

The rear-view mirror is augmented by one or more side-view mirrors, which serve as the only rear-vision mirrors on trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.

What is Rear View Mirror

How To Fix a Rear-View Mirror?

Unless your rearview mirror is secured with screws to the roof, it is glued to the windshield. While the glue is certainly good quality, it has a bad habit of falling off over time. Regular strong glue might hold for a little while, but you really need the right stuff.

Cleanliness is the key to a proper installation. Most rearview mirror repair kits only come with the glue components, some come with a replacement metal glue-on tab, but you still need a couple of items to get the job done right, namely a razor blade.

If used properly, a razor blade won’t scratch the glass, but be careful as you could cut yourself pretty bad. Don’t forget to clean the mounting tab (if you are reusing it), as all the old glue needs to be removed as well.

The kit we used comes with a new tab, but the car we are working on does not use the slide-on style, rather a metal tab with a ball mount for the mirror. It was cleaned with a razor blade and reused.

The Rearview repair kit has two glue components, the adhesive itself, and a cleaner\primer for the glass. The package splits in half, making a clean holder for the towelette inside. Don’t get the primer on your skin if you can avoid it. Wipe the glass and wait two minutes.

The glue is a special high-strength glue that is designed for glass. Just a small drop on the mirror mount is enough.

Press the tab onto the glass and hold it for one minute. Allow the tab to sit for at least 15 minutes before mounting the mirror.

Once the 15 minutes is up, you can reinstall the mirror. Now you can reinstall the mirror. All done!

How To Fix a Rear-View Mirror That Fell Off?

To put on the car’s mirror that has fallen off, you should arrange some necessary materials like window cleaner, isopropyl alcohol, paper towels, dry erase marker, hairdryer, razor, and kit of rear-view mirror reattachment.

In this article, you will also come to know how to fix a broken rearview mirror. If you are planning to replace or repair the car’s mirror in case it is broken down or fell off, then here you will be served the repairing guide to make your fixing task easy, simple, and comfortable.

  1. Get away from the mounting button. To your windshield, the mounting pin is attache which you can take away from the mirror assembly. From the mirror’s arm, you can screw it off.
  2. Warm the windshield. It is essential to put on the heat to the windshield so that it gets warmer. The glue will not stick to the glass if the windscreen is cold as it may result in condensation.
  3. Take off the old adhesive. To attach a rear-view mirror first take out the old adhesive. Clean the surface of the glass. You can use the razor blade to remove the remaining glue. Clean the inside of your windshield and the backside of the bracket with the help of the glass cleaner or the cleaning alcohol.
  4. Decide on the bracket. You determine where you prefer the bracket to go on the inside. You can see the black band on the outside of the newer car that indicates where your bracket should go. On the outside of the windshield, you can make use of the tape to know where your bracket can go in older cars.
  5. Put on the activator. Inside of the windshield and backside of the bracket spread the activator and then allow it to dry.
  6. Apply glue. On the bracket or mounting button, you can apply the glue. On the windshield, push the button and put pressure for near about one minute. To the right side of the bracket, you can put on the adhesive.
  7. Fix the mirror. Finally, to the mounting bracket, you can attach the mirror after sticking the bracket to the windshield. All the steps mentioned above will help you in fixing the car’s mirror.

For proper fixing look after the cleanliness of the mounting tab. If you make use of the kit, then you will get cleaner or primer. Make sure the primer does not get on your skin.  

How To Fix a Rear-View Mirror That Is Loose?

The Rear-View mirror is often adjusted, especially if the car is driven by several people. This will cause the mirror ball joint to loosen up, but there are a couple of ways to tighten it.

The exact method will vary depending on your vehicle, and if none of the factory-installed methods is applicable, I’ll also provide some DIY methods to solve the problem.

1. Tighten The Screw Underneath the Mirror

Some vehicles have a fixed mirror stand and a ball joint that attaches directly to the mirror. Inspect the mirror from underneath, where the flip tab is located. On some models, you’ll find a hex or Phillip’s head screw to tighten and get the mirror back in action.

2. Tighten The Screw Inside the Base of The Roof

In some models, the mirror and the rod have a solid connection, with the ball joint connection located within the roof. You’ll have to figure out how to remove the plastic shroud to gain access to the adjustment screw. After that, it’s just a matter of using the right screwdriver to tighten the ball joint.

3. Tighten The Screw Within the Mirror

If you can’t locate the tightening screw beneath the mirror or within the base, the last place to look is inside the mirror. At this point, I’d suggest looking up the exact method for your make & model, as disassembling the mirror unnecessarily can only cause more harm than good. Once you’re sure there’s a tightening screw inside, carefully pull off the mirror to gain access to the screw.

Replacing a Rearview Mirror

You can find a generic replacement mirror at your local auto parts store. While you’re there, purchase a rearview mirror replacement kit – which usually includes the adhesive, cleaning supplies, and hardware.

1. Source a Replacement Mirror

Usually, you cannot replace just the mirror glass; you must replace the entire unit. If your mirror uses auto-dimming glass or electro-chromatic technology, look for an OEM replacement mirror from your local car dealer. If your vehicle doesn’t use this technology, most generic rearview mirrors are compatible with different makes and models.

2. Remove Old Mirror

  • Apply a small piece of masking tape on the exterior of the glass to mark the original mounting location.
  • Unplug the wiring harness if the mirror uses one for an electronic compass or dimming feature.
  • Remove the mirror from the glass-mounted hardware – look for a screw to remove or a clip to slide it off.
  • Use a heat gun or blow dryer to soften the adhesive that holds the mounting hardware to the glass.
  • Apply heat to the exterior of the windshield where the mirror hardware is mounted and gently wiggle the mount free. It’s best to have a helper heat the glass while you remove the hardware inside the vehicle. Note: Too much heat will break the windshield, so exercise caution.
  • You may need to use a thin piece of piano wire or fishing line to break the bond between the glass and the mirror mount. Work the wire/line between the glass and the mirror mount using a flossing motion to break it free. Only apply force parallel to the glass, don’t try and tear the hardware off or it might bring a piece of glass with it.

3. Prep Surface

Remove old adhesive with a razor blade and glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol; be careful not to scratch the glass. Wipe the surface clean with a rag and glass cleaner and allow it to dry before proceeding. If your windshield replacement kit came with any cleaning or prep wipes, use them now.

4. Install the Mirror

  • Not all kits are the same; follow the manufactures instructions closely.
  • If the kit came with an activator, apply it to the windshield and the mounting hardware. Allow the activator to dry for a few minutes if needed.
  • Apply the glue to the mirror mounting hardware, not the windshield itself. Use the tape you placed on the exterior of the windshield to find the original mounting location and install the mirror mount. Refer to the manufacture’s instructions for glue cure times.
  • Once the glue is fully cured, install your new rearview mirror

What Do I Do if My Rearview Mirror Fell Off?

You can reinstall and re-glue the mirror to the windscreen. For this purpose, many commercial types of glue are available in the market and online. Applying glue directly to the windscreen can harm it. Therefore, use stickers or adhesive promoters for safe adhesion

Can You Tighten Rearview Mirror?

It is very common for rearview mirrors to loosen with time due to vibration. Such mirrors shake every time you drive. To see clearly, you need to tighten it up. For this use a flat head screwdriver and a T 20 screwdriver.

Go underneath the back of the mirror and take off the plastic housing of the mirror. Now tighten up the little screw that holds the mirror in place with the help of a screwdriver. When done reinstall the plastic housing and your mirror are no longer in the loose position now.

Can I Drive Without My Rearview Mirror?

It is always a safe idea to drive with the rearview mirror. It helps you to make the right guess about how far is the car behind you. Though there is no hard and fast rule to use it every time. It is not illegal to drive without it. Many people who use the back camera don’t use the rearview mirror. I would advise drivers to use it as it is important for their safety on road.