Hybrid and Electric Car Dashboard Symbols

Do you know hybrids cars have some similar stuff on the dashboard as regular cars with engines? Well, electric vehicles also have their own set of fancy symbols on the dash. Since they don’t need oil or gas, the battery becomes super important.

If it gets too hot, too cold, or doesn’t charge properly, you’ll see these dashboard symbols pop up, and you gotta pay attention to them.

#1. Low Battery Warning

Low Battery Warning Light

Imagine it as a “low fuel” light, but instead of gasoline, it’s all about keeping your battery juiced up. Your EV (that’s short for an electric vehicle, by the way) has got your back and will give you a heads-up when you’re running low on power.

First, it’ll kindly remind you to charge up when you’ve got about 12% battery left. And if you happen to miss that friendly nudge, it’ll hit you up again when you’re down to a mere 5%.

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#2. EV Mode

EV Mode Warning Light

This is for all the hybrid car drivers out there. It’s very simple and concerns the case when your car runs only on electricity. Basically, it means your vehicle is in this cool, eco-friendly mode where it doesn’t use any gas. So no need to worry! You can continue to run your errands worry-free.

#3. RBS Warning Light

RBS Warning Light

When you see this symbol lighting up, it means that the regenerative brake isn’t working properly. Sometimes, you might also spot a red brake warning light along with it.

Basically, it could be a problem with the whole RBS thing. You should definitely take your ride to an authorized service center as soon as possible.

#4. Power Limitation Indicator

Power Limitation Indicator

Did you know that little tortoise symbol on your car’s dashboard? It’s not just a cute decoration—it’s a warning sign! It means your vehicle is running low on power, specifically electric power or the hybrid kind. So, if you spot that tortoise, it’s time to pay attention.

Now, there could be a few reasons why your car is lacking power, and they can range from minor to major issues. The important thing is to act quickly but safely. As soon as you can, pull over and find a safe spot. You’ll want to give your car a break and call for help. Get it to a garage so they can figure out what’s causing this power problem.

#5. Auto Glide Control Light

Auto Glide Control Light

See this symbol? It means the AGC feature is on. Auto Glide Control is pretty cool because it helps hybrids save fuel by reducing how much they slow down. It lets the car coast more smoothly, and that boosts the fuel economy.

#6. Battery Charge Level Warning Light

Battery Charge Level Warning Light

When you see this symbol in your hybrid or electric car, it means your battery is running low on juice and it’s time to charge up. If you’re driving a hybrid, it might also mean that the engine will kick in until the battery gets some chargeback. So, it’s a friendly reminder to plug in or find a charging station soon!

#7. Battery Temperature Warning Light

Battery Temperature Warning Light

Similar to ICE vehicles (although the symbol is a battery instead of an engine), It means your battery’s temperature is running hot. And hey, you gotta be smart about it. Don’t just keep driving like nothing’s happening. No way! Pull over or stop right away, dude. Let that battery cool off before you keep going.

#8. General Electric Issue

General Electric Issue warning Light

This symbol means there is a problem with the vehicle’s electrical system. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty broad symbol and could mean there’s a problem with anything from the motors to the internal wiring to the battery.

The amber or red color of this icon indicates the severity of the problem. However, if you see this symbol, you should seek immediate inspection and service

#9. Ready to Drive

Ready to Drive warning light

Before you hit the road, there’s one symbol you should keep an eye out for, even though you’ll want to ignore most of them. This little guy just tells you that your hybrid or electric car is good to go… you know, because it’s so quiet, you might not be sure if it’s even turned on.

#10. Pedestrian Warning Light

Pedestrian Warning Light

Do you know what’s a potential problem with hybrids and electric vehicles? They’re super quiet, like sneaky ninjas on the road. And that can be dangerous ’cause pedestrians might not hear them coming.

But don’t worry, there’s this cool pedestrian warning system that’s got your back. It’s there to make sure you don’t accidentally bump into someone. If it senses that a collision is about to go down, it’ll give you a heads-up, like “Hey, watch out!” And if you’re not paying attention or just chilling, the car can even hit the brakes automatically to save the day.

#11. External Sound System Issue

External Sound System Issue

Did you know that EVs and hybrids have this cool sound system that helps pedestrians know they’re around and prevents any accidents? So, if you see a little symbol lighting up, it could mean there’s something up with those external speakers or the system itself. Time to get it checked, maybe?

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