What is an Impulse Pump?- An Informative Guide

What is Impulse Pump?

The Impulse pump is a quiet, energy-efficient, multi-function pump. It is ideal for fresh and saltwater aquariums, protein skimmers, indoor fountains, water-cooling, and all similar submersible and inline applications which require energy-efficient, ultra-quiet performance.

The Impulse is equipped with a synchronous motor and an advanced impeller, ceramic shaft and bearings (stainless steel on the Impulse 400), and an adjustable flow rate. Multi-size hose adapter fittings and suction cups are included.

Impulse pumps use pressure created by gas (usually air). In some impulse pumps the gas trapped in the liquid (usually water), is released and accumulated somewhere in the pump, creating a pressure that can push part of the liquid upwards.

Conventional impulse pumps include:

  • Hydraulic ram pumps – kinetic energy of a low-head water supply is stored temporarily in an air-bubble hydraulic accumulator, then used to drive water to a higher head.
  • Pulser pumps – run with natural resources, by kinetic energy only.
  • Airlift pumps – run on air inserted into pipe, which pushes the water up when bubbles move upward

Instead of a gas accumulation and releasing cycle, the pressure can be created by burning hydrocarbons. Such combustion-driven pumps directly transmit the impulse from a combustion event through the actuation membrane to the pump fluid.

In order to allow this direct transmission, the pump needs to be almost entirely made of an elastomer (e.g., silicone rubber). Hence, the combustion causes the membrane to expand and thereby pumps the fluid out of the adjacent pumping chamber. The first combustion-driven soft pump was developed by ETH Zurich.

How Does an Impulse Pump Work?

The Impulse pump is an amazingly versatile multi-function pump designed for use in a wide variety of freshwater and saltwater applications such as protein skimmers, sumps, indoor fountains, outdoor ponds, water-cooling, and many more.

Impulse pumps

The unit boasts a state-of-the-art synchronous motor equipped with a wear-resistant, self-cleaning stainless-steel impeller as well as a ceramic shaft and bearings to greatly improve the function and longevity of the pump itself.

To touch more on the versatility of the Impulse pump, the unit has the ability to be used for both wet or submerged function in addition to dry or inline processes to provide unmatched functionality for aquarium owners of every type.

Easily adjustable flow rates offer greater control over the various functions of your aquarium equipment. The pump features a flow rate of 400 GPH, has a maximum head height of 6 feet, and is incredibly energy efficient at only 23 watts. Multi-size hose adaptors and suction cups are included with the pump.

Features of Impulse Pump

  • Wet/Submerged Application. Impulse Pumps can be used for a variety of fully submerged applications including aquariums, sumps, and outdoor or indoor ponds.
  • Dry/Inline Application. They can also be used for dry or inline applications including skimmers, reactors, and sumps. Use one of the included multi-size hose adapter fittings for quick and easy connections.
  • Flow Regulation. Use flow regulation to adjust the flow to the ideal rate for your particular application. Adjustments up to 400, 600, and 800 GPH respectively.
  • Wear-Resistant Impeller. The Impulse pump is equipped with a synchronous motor, advanced impeller, and ceramic shaft and bearings.